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Community Involvement Miami

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Aside from our research curriculum, ARDS Clinical Trials has become an active member in our community by volunteering in health fairs. We screen for common indications with high prevalence that often go unnoticed until it’s too late. In addition, we provide health education in different areas of interest to reduce risks and enhance overall wellness to our community involvement Miami.

If you are visiting this website, it’s likely that you already have an interest in become a volunteer.  Or, if you have a health problem that’s related to one of the studies currently being conducted at ARDS in Miami. There are probably as many reasons to volunteer as there are volunteers for our medical research studies. We welcome your interest and we encourage you to apply to become a paid volunteer.

Volunteer Opportunities

Advance Research Development Solutions include: Acne Vulgaris, High Triglycerides, AlzheimerWound Infection and Chemotherapy Induced Anemia studies for our Community in Miami and Broward. Participate Now!

Volunteer Benefits:

  • Free access to new investigational treatments and/or medications.
  • Free medical care by medical doctors during the trial.
  • You may receive compensation for time and travel.

Volunteers are an integral part of the clinical research process. People with a particular disease as well as healthy people both can play a role in contributing to medical advances. 

A clinical trial is the term used to describe the testing of a new treatment or medical device to evaluate whether the drug or device is effective and safe for people to use. Other terms often used to describe clinical trials are drug studies, drug research or medical research. Clinical trials are carried out under the strict supervision of fully qualified doctors, nurses and other health professionals. 

By becoming a clinical research volunteer, you are not only helping to benefit the wider community through the development of better medicines, you’ll also be paid for your time and any inconvenience.


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