What is a Clinical Trial?

Clinical trials are medical studies that investigate for new medical treatment is effective, and healthy for humans. Every medical study focuses on discovering what is the best treatment for certain diseases in different groups of people. Clinical trials produce the best available data for making health care decisions.

The intention of clinical research is following the strict scientific guideline that protect humans and and help get the best results in new treatments.

Clinical Trials Process

What is a clinical trials is the first question that people always do after see this name, and sometime may be spooky, not worry! Clinical trials are one of the final period of a long and careful research process. The clinical research process begins in a laboratory, where scientists create a new medicine for a specific disease.

First, the medicine is testing in the laboratory, then, depending of the clinical research specialize, this new antibiotics is testing with volunteer patients that comply with the characteristic that the medical study requires. 

Treat Wound Infection

Phases of AR Clinical Research Miami

  • Phase I: The nurse do a few medical condition questions and physical exam, they have to be sure that the patient is under general healthy state, and comply with the study requirement.
  • Phase II: Patient take the medicine, and she or he has to follow up all the regulations and instructions giving for the clinic.
  • Phase III: Patients have to come at AR Development Solutions periodically to check the medicine process, if they have been good result or if the study has been side effect, the medical study finish instantly.

what is a clinical trial

What do you Expect at ARDS Clinical Trials?

You can learn about becoming a volunteer for one of AR Development Solutions enrolling studies by calling us at 786-615-7132. During the call the AR coordinators will determine if you qualify for the study after a few brief questions. The current studies are Acne Vulgaris, High Triglycerides, Chronic Kidney Disease, AlzheimerAcute Bacterial Skin and Skin Structure Infections and Iron Deficiency Anemia in Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy. You will then be scheduled for visit to ARDS facility where you will receive detailed information about the study you are eligible for. If you chose to participate you will be monitored by health professionals consisting of medical doctors and registered nurses. In addition, you will have 24 hour on call assistance to answer any questions and/or concerns. Short follow-up visits to the clinic may be required to monitor the safety of the study drug in your body and to provide any medical assistance if needed.