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Questions and Answers about Clinical Research Miami

What is Clinical Research Miami?

Clinical Research Miami are medical studies in which humans help pharmaceutical companies find new medicine to improve the people health. With the studies, scientists are trying to find medical solutions to treat specific diseases, such as antibiotics, vaccines, and other test. First of all, this products are created in laboratory, have to be studied in clinical research, treat for healthy volunteers, and then the medicine will be approved for The Food and Drug Administration(FDA) for public use.

All medical research Miami have to follow a specific protocol for each study that will be review and approve before start using the trial. In conclusion, the clinical trials have to follow a safety procedure for all studies.

What Occurs in a Clinical Research Miami?

If you want to become a volunteer for a clinical research Miami, first of all, you have to be suffering one of the study that the clinic offer. Each study has specifications that the people have to comply to participate. In addiction, you probably have a blood test, measure weight and height, you have to fill out all the trial documentation, maybe you can’t be taken any other drugs. Probably, the clinical trials will be seeking participants who are under general healthy medical condition, all depend the trial in question. The clinic coordinator will be explain to you the rules, requirements, benefits, risks, full details for a trial participation.

Will I See my Normal Doctor?

Yes, of course! You will be continuous visit your doctor, there are here different thing, with a clinical trial you will be trying a new medicine for any disease, and with your regular doctor, you will be checking your general health if you are feeling more comfortable. You have to come at the clinical trials to schedule all your visits.

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Can I get Paid for Clinical Trials?

Participate in medical studies will not have a cost to you or your insurance. However, you can get paid for clinical trial participation. The clinical research will be paying you transportation, all your medical test, medications, procedures. In the first visit, the coordinator explain you everything about paid research studies in Miami Florida.

What is ARDS?

Advance Research Development Solutions (ARDS) is a clinical trials in Miami, Florida dedicated to provide quality medical research. AR have taken the time to assess the needs of the community in Miami Lakes, and use this data to target specific indications in order to collaborate in the development of therapies for diseases of high incidence.

Previous trials include but are not limited to drug and medical device development. ARDS have excelled in trials with complex protocols and demanding time requirements without breaching GCP/ICH guidelines while maintaining patient safety a priority.

How do you Become a Volunteer for Clinical Trials at ARDS?

If you want to participate in a Clinical Research Miami, please feel free to contact us!
Call: (786) 615-7132

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