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Would You like to Participate in Clinical Trials Miami?

People that participate in clinical trials are the most important things in the process of medical research. The patient will be involvement with qualify professionals that provide you comfortable and safe visit at the clinic in Miami Lakes. The patients must have some tests and medical exams before take the new treatment.

The volunteers have to fill out some document and forms about their health. They will need to travel to the clinic to take part in medical research studies.

The clinical trial process for participants depends on the research study that he or she are involvement. ARDS team include certify doctor, register nurse, phlebotomist and other specialized health care professionals. The AR role is to check at the first visit to the clinical research that the patient has a good health, and we provide them the safe place during the trial, and AR staff make sure that the volunteer is following the study protocol.

How to Participate in Clinical Trials?

If you are interesting in be part of enrolling studies opportunities, following the simple steps:

  • Contact Advance Research Development Solutions through phone call or send us an email.
  • Fill out the participant document to add your personal information and health history.
  • The register nurse will check that you are suffering one of the medical study that AR Development Solutions is offering.
  • The study coordinator will provide you all information about the specific study that you are involved, and how much money you received with a your participation.
  • If you qualify for skin infection or chemo induced anemia studies you have to visit us some different days and take the testing medicine.
  • Clinical Trials

Participate in Clinical Trials Required Physical Exams?

For clinical trials participation is necessary a physical exam. This exam will be conducted in the first time of the trial process, and it may include:

  • Check the patient weight, temperature, height, and blood pressure.
  • May be necessary an electrocardiogram.
  • Samples of Blood
  • For clinical research protocol, the patient may be required some others test.

The physical exam information obtained in the trial process will be secure. The clinic coordinator will contact you for schedule the next visit. Participate in clinical trials is completely voluntary, so, when you decide to finish the trial you are free to leave.

How Many Visits the Patients Have to Do?

Each medical studies vary in length. The dimension of study depends of the number of visit that the patient have to do and the types of study. The amount of visits expected:

  • When the study process begin the patient has more frequent visits.
  • In the study progresses the patient has to come at the clinic for longer periods.

End of Medical Study will be when you have taken your medication and you will not receive more from the clinical study. This is a paid clinical trials, so you may received compensation for time and travel!



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