Medical Test Volunteers in Miami

What are Medical Test Volunteers Program?

Advance Research Development Solutions, through the medical test volunteers program, has provided an opportunity for volunteers in Miami, Broward, and West Palm Beach to participate in clinical research studies. The community involvement, who have specific illnesses provide researchers important information to help in the cure of disease.

What are the Benefits of Medical Test Volunteers Program?

  • Receive a thorough physical exam.
  • Receive compensation for travel and participation.
  • Further medical knowledge.
  • Have the satisfaction of helping to fine the new medicine for specific disease.
  • Provide important scientific information for developing new disease treatments

Will I Get Paid Medical Studies?

ARDS compensates study participants for their time and, in some instances, for the inconvenience of a procedure. There are standard compensation rates for the participant’s time; the study’s principal investigator determines inconvenience rates.

What kinds of Medical Studies are Available at AR Development Solutions?

ARDS has skin infection and chemo induced anemia studies available for volunteers. You can find more information on these studies on the clinical trials site.

These studies vary in length of time, location, age, gender, special requirements, medical exclusions, and procedures. You select the studies that interest you the most and for which you think you would qualify.

How can I find Clinical Trials for Medical Test Volunteers?

You can find information about research studies currently recruiting volunteers by viewing the clinical studies website. When searching the web site, type in these words: paid clinical trial volunteers. Call (786) 615 7132 for more information.

What are the Risk of Clinical Trials in Miami?

The ARDS medical coordinator will explain you any risks, requirements, restrictions, or possible side effects before you agree to take part in any study. It is wise and important that you ask them any questions or voice any concerns before you make a decision about taking part.

  • Clinical Trials

How Can I Become in Clinical Research Volunteer?

One way to volunteer is to join the registry for the medical test volunteers program. To participate in the registry, we’ll ask you to provide some basic information and give us permission to share that information with the research teams. If you are a potential match to a study’s requirements, the study team will contact you.

To determine your eligibility for a study, you may need to complete medical questionnaire forms. An ARDS staff member will ask you additional questions. It is critical that you are honest and thorough in providing information about your medical and psychiatric history and about any prescription or nonprescription drugs you take. Accurate information allows investigators to judge whether the study poses any risk to you.

Before agreeing to participate in any study, the investigator will give you a consent form that explains the study in detail and in everyday, non-medical language. By signing this form, you indicate that you understand the study and volunteer to participate. As a volunteer, you are free to withdraw from, interrupt, or refuse to take part in a study at any time.


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