Chronic Kidney Disease

The kidneys are one of the most important human organs, which functions as filter body. This organ creates urine to remove wastes from the body, and the abundance of water and salt. In addiction, the kidney contribute in the production of red blood cells, the regulation of bone metabolism, and the control of blood pressure. If this organ is not working correctly can become in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), also know as Chronic Renal Failure.

This article is about how Chronic Kidney Disease Clinical Trials help in the development of the disease, chronic kidney disease symptoms, why the patient present anemia with CKD, and how ARDS Clinical Trials can help in the quality life of people with chronic kidney failure.

Chronic Kidney Disease Symptoms

Nephrologist has to do some different testing to identified  the CKD. In the urine, the presence of protein or albumin and red blood cells can indicate CKD. An ultrasound or CT scan may be performed to evaluate for abnormalities of the structure of the kidneys. In some cases, it's necessary a kidney biopsy.

Many people present anemia with CKD disease, some signs of anemia may include:

  • weakness
  • fatigue, or feeling tired
  • headaches
  • problems with concentration
  • paleness
  • dizziness
  • difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  • chest pain

Some people don't present CKD symptoms until the disease is advanced. For that reason, it's necessary some medical visit and regular test for following the evolution of the disease.

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Chronic Kidney Disease Clinical Trials

Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic Renal Failure in Miami

Why the Patient Present Anemia with CKD?

When a patient has anemia, it means that he has less than normal red blood cells in the body. As a result of anemia, red blood cells can not carry the necessary amount of oxygen to the organs and tissues, causing them to malfunction. Usually, people with anemia lose the temporary or partial functioning of the kidneys.

If the kidneys do not work well, they do not produce enough EPO for the body. This causes the bone marrow to not produce enough red blood cells, which causes anemia. Sick people with kidney failure may also suffer from anemia due to the loss of blood from hemodialysis and lack of nutrients and vitamins in food.

Chronic Kidney Disease Study

Clinical trials in Miami Lakes take very important paper in the development of the kidney disease. They improve the medical advance through new medicine for this disease. In addiction, clinical trials can help the community in South Florida to improve the better life with kidney illnesses.
CKD is another study at Advance Research Development Solutions Miami. We will be looking for volunteers that want to participate in a new kidney failure treatment. The most common causes of kidney disease is diabetes and high blood pressure.

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