Clinical Trial Volunteers in Miami

Clinical Trial Volunteers in Miami

Enrolling Volunteers

Clinical trial volunteers are the most important parts in the process of the medical research. Community involvement in paid focus groups Miami are necessary for the improvement and authorization of new treatments. ARDS Clinical Research in South Florida is the most reliable company to our participants. Therefore, the ARDS staff value their healthy, and security.

Clinical Trial Volunteers Benefits

Humans with a specific disease can contribute to medical advances. Participating in our enrolling studies you can help your own health care and the others. In addiction, you can obtain benefits like:

  • Use free new medications.
  • Obtain the best free medical care.
  • All study related procedures and treatment will be provided at no cost to you or your insurance.
  • You must receive compensation for time and transportation.

Volunteers FAQ

What are Clinical Trials in Miami FL?

Paid clinical trials Florida is a medical research in individuals volunteers to try to answer medical questions. New treatments improve better health. Is necessary to test the medicine in some volunteers, if it is found to be safe and efficient, maybe it will be approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Why is Important to Participate in a Clinical Trial?

Clinical research is very important for our community, because with them we can test the new medicine before to sale to popularization. The most important things in this clinic is studies and volunteers. By volunteering for clinical research in Miami everyone have access to future knowledge about the specific treatment. In a research study in clinical trials in Miami you have the ability to take an active role in your own health, and help others. In addiction, you can obtain compensation for time and transportation.

Who can Become in a Clinical Trial Volunteers?

The factors that you become in clinical trial volunteers depend of your eligibility for one of the studies, you have to be under the disease protocols. Also, we check the age, gender, phase of the disease, previous medicine that you take, and general medical conditions.

What Occurs During a Research Process?

The research process begin when you call for apply for one of our studies and you result eligible for the trial. The clinical research staff are consist of board doctors, nurses, and health care professionals. First of all, the nurse will check your general health, explain you all the research process, and guide you carefully all the time during the trial. You have to follow the research rules, and be in touch with staff.

Becoming a Volunteer for ARDS

When you are becoming a volunteer for Advance Research Development Solutions (ARDS), you will be helping to the community of Miami and Broward in the development of new treatments for specific disease as Chronic Kidney Disease, Skin Infection, Alzheimer, Chemo Induced Anemia, and others. You must receive payment for time and transportation.


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