Anemia in Chronic Kidney Disease

Anemia in Chronic Kidney Disease

What is Anemia?

Anemia is a condition in which the body has fewer red blood cells than normal. Red blood cells carry oxygen to tissues and organs throughout the body and enable them to use energy from food. With anemia, red blood cells carry less oxygen to tissues and organs particularly the heart and brainContinue reading

Cancer Clinical Trials Miami

What is a Cancer Clinical Trials Miami?

What Is a Cancer Clinical Trials?

A cancer clinical trials is a medical research study in which people participate as volunteers to test new methods of prevention, screening, diagnosis, or treatment of a disease. A cancer clinical trial can also be referred to as a cancer clinical study.

Some cancer patients receiving chemotherapy could get anemia, and this disease Continue reading

Importance of Clinical Trials

What is the Importance of Clinical Trials?

One of the importance of clinical trials is the research tool for advancing medical knowledge and patient care. Whether a new approach works well in people and is safe and which treatments or strategies work best for certain illnesses or groups of people. Some clinical trials found that one of the combinations worked much better than the other for moderate persistent asthma. The results providedContinue reading

Halloween at Clinical trials Florida

Halloween at Clinical Trials Florida

How was the Halloween’s Origins?

The Origins of Halloween come from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, Ireland in this days. This day was significant because summer is over and began the days of darkness, associating with human death. They celebrated Halloween Day in night of October 31, because they believed that the Gods of Death Continue reading

Clinical Research Miami

Questions and Answers about Clinical Research Miami

What is Clinical Research Miami?

Clinical Research Miami are medical studies in which humans help pharmaceutical companies find new medicine to improve the people health. With the studies, scientists are trying to find medical solutions to treat specific diseases, such as antibiotics, vaccines, and other test. First of all, this products are created in laboratory,Continue reading

Skin infection miami

Paid Clinical Trials in Miami

Will you get Paid for Medical Research?

The volunteer may receive compensation for travel and participation in medical research studies. The paid research studies will be calculated on the type of the medical study, the length on the study, the number of visit that you attend, and the most important thing, you must to qualify for one of clinical trials studies. Advance Research Development Solutions is a paid clinicalContinue reading