Clinical Trials Miami

Advance Research Development Solutions is a clinical trials Miami site dedicated to provide quality medical research (Phase II-IV). We have taken the time to assess the needs of our community and use this data to target specific indications in order to collaborate in the development of therapies for diseases of high incidence.

Previous trials include but are not limited to drug and medical device development. ARDS have excelled in trials with complex protocols and demanding time requirements without breaching GCP/ICH guidelines while maintaining patient safety a priority.

As a result, ARDS Clinical Trials Miami is able to provide quality data with transparency in real time. AR facility is fully equipped with the most up to date medical equipment, which is regularly calibrated to provide the most accurate data possible.


Participate in AR Development Solutions enrolling studies: Acne Vulgaris,  High Triglycerides StudyChronic Kidney DiseaseAlzheimer’s Disease ResearchSkin Infection Miami and Chemotherapy Induced Anemia in Cancer Patients. All study related procedures and treatment will be provided at no cost to you or your insurance. The volunteers may receive compensation for time and travel.

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Clinical Trials Miami

         Our Professionals

Our qualified and professional staff has extensive experience in the industry and understands its demands. In order to meet recruitment needs we use our established subject database, PI/ Sub I private practice database and physician referrals. AR have adopted a patient centered approach that keeps subjects engaged as evidenced by high retention rates.
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           Clinical Research Miami

       Community Involvement

Aside from ARDS research curriculum, we have become an active member in the community by volunteering in health fairs. We screen for common indications with high prevalence that often go unnoticed until it’s too late. In addition, AR provide health education in different areas of interest to reduce risks and enhance overall wellness.

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All study-related medical care, labs tests and investigation study medicine will be provided at no cost to you. You may receive compensation for time and travel.

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